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At Garrett Michael, where men matter most.

A classic Salt lake city barber & shop


Garrett Michael is dedicated to the classic craft of the barber. Providing a menu of traditional and contemparary services towards mens hair, beards and straight razor shaves. Reservations recommended, walk-ins welcome.


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Mon - Sat: 10am - 8pm

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435 E 300 S, SLC



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Being on his Triumph motorcycle throughout the year is his favorite hobby, but undoubtedly he is a skilled barber that can give you exactly what you ask for. He is one the most compassionate and loyal people you will have the chance of meeting, and has been at Garrett Michael for almost 4 years. During that time he has created a successful clientele and career, while fine-tuning his tools from being a wild life firefighter into a very skilled barber. Sometimes his massive beard can get in the way of cross-fit, but he is still dedicated to creating a healthier lifestyle for himself and those around him. His specialties include, but are not limited to, beard shaping and styling. He has crafted his own ambitions with his beard into a mastered skill. Taking in the knowledge of face shape and the right beard shape for every individual. Come in and experience what this biker, sport loving, bearded man has to offer, we promise you a great service overall!



Joshua comes to us from Phoenix. He has been in the barber trade since 2013. He is an active guy and loves working out and spending time at the gym. Summer fun and outdoor activities are at the top of his list.



Coming from a line of barbers, Kaybri is the sunshine of the shop. Her infectious smile will change your day and invite the joy into your life. When Kaybri isn’t barbering, she is always doing something outdoors. Camping and cooking are her solace to the world and help her feel free from it all. She has hiked more mountains than we know about, and can tell you all of her favorite spots! Ask her about her favorite recipes too! Family is her most important priority. Her nephew is her new favorite, and she loves to spoil him. In the shop, Kaybri is a fire starter and learning. She has become a top leader in the Salt Lake barbering industry, and has a mastery in shear cutting. Coming from a cosmetology background, she can shear cut and blow dry like nobody’s business. Let her give you the experience of a lifetime and you will never leave her side again! 



Being an amazing barber is only one of this beauty queens skills. She is a singer and has the range of many of the greats. She’s a fan of folk music, soft electronic, and can truly enjoy any genre there is. Finding the good in all people is by far her most precious gift. She has learned to teach herself yoga, and stay active on the mountains. Taking her 2 children on hikes and camping is one of her families hobbies. Adventuring through southern Utah and traveling the world have become her biggest passions, opening her eyes to new experiences and ideas. Outside of her daily life with family and friends, her barbering skills have blossomed. She has truly mastered her skills in fading and her attention to detail. Having education from Dallas and California at different events, has helped her learn new abilities and to feel her most confident behind the chair. She would love to have you in her chair, and she will pamper you like you have never experienced before.



Our Tan Tan has truly expanded his horizons and become a top notch barber! If Tanner could watch basketball all day, we think he would! Sports are part of this man’s enjoyment. He plays several, but his favorites are basketball and golf. Movies can inspire him more than anything, and we aren’t sure if there is a movie he hasn’t seen. Aside from sports and movies, he is one the most stylish men we have ever known. He is full of class and can present that in his work. One of his favorite activities is visiting with family when they are in town from La Grande, Oregon, which is his hometown. Tanner has truly become a large aspect to our shop, and we love seeing him show his skills and help his clients. His mastery has truly become his fading and cropped styles. He can give you edgy, but he can also give you that class that he holds himself. Tanner would love to help you find that perfect style and help you feel comfortable in our antique barber chairs.



Madeline is for sure the most expressionist in the shop. She is full of beauty and knows how to express that in her work. She is dedicate to fitness and loves to explore the world in her free time. Weight training is her favorite hobby, along with roller skating and roller derby. She brings the Madonna and 80’s to the shop, even though she is the youngest artist we have. If you need a good book recommendation, she has it. Her love for books shows her intelligence and has helped her learn so much about life. While being in the shop for a year now, she has fine tuned many skills and built a reputable clientele. Her specialties include fading and blending your beard into that fade. She has developed a skill of knowing how to perfectly blend any length of beard into any length of a haircut. She loves to shape all beard types, but she says “The bigger the beard, the better!” Let Miss Madonna give you the vibe you’re looking for in a modern way.



Being one the cutest and sweet barbers in the shop is only part of this woman charm. She is hands down one of the most genuine people you will meet. She loves to play with her 2 children as much as she can, whether its swimming in the summer or sledding in the winter. Her favorite flower is a sunflower, and she can tell you so much about them! She loves movies so much, especially the classics. Growing up, her and her family would indulge in so many movies every night. Ask her anything Harry Potter, and she knows the answer. Disneyland and Universal are some her favorite places to visit. When she isn’t out enjoying life with her kids, Diana is fully embraced in the barbershop. Cutting hair has changed the woman she is, and has helped her find something she truly enjoys. She is our Associate Barber, but that doesn’t mean she cannot deliver. Her own skills are special and can be seen in her work. She will take what you want in a cut, and perfectly match it to your head shape and style. Teaching you the proper use of product and preparation. Come on in and let Diana spoil you with her presence and help you learn more about any style you choose.


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Garrett Michael Barbershop is pleased to offer pop-up shops where we bring the barbershop to you. Bring us to your next Bachelor/ Wedding Party, Grand Opening Event, Corporate Event and have shaves, beard trims and haircuts done on site. For more information, contact us.


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Owner Daniela and her son, Garrett Michael.

Owner Daniela and her son, Garrett Michael.

Garrett Michael Barbershop opened it's doors in 2012. Daniela created a shop that is committed to the tradition of classic barbering coupled with mens hair dressing  to deliver a quality experience in a comfortable environment.  Located in the Broadway District of downtown Salt Lake City, GM has become a staple in the community.